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Project 30PP Laundry Unit

The Project 30PP laundry unit is moulded from white polymer right here in Australian, making this laundry unit 100% Australian made. The unit comes with a built-in floor to keep your storage off the ground.

The 30PP is a generous 35 litres and ideal for apartment living. The rust-free polymer makes the Project 30PP an ideal alternative to traditional stainless steel laundry units, particularly for those that live in coastal areas, that are prone to rust, and for those who frequently use chemicals including, bleach in their tub.

Its clean white finish, compact size, Australian made and rust-free benefits make the 30PP an ideal laundry unit for many Australians.

  • Rust free 100% Australian Made Product
  • 35 Litre white polymer bowl
  • White polymer cabinet
  • Reversible Door – left or right hand opening applications
  • Dual bypass
  • 50mm Polymer waste and plastic plug
  • Cabinet floor
  • Pre-marked washing machine hose holes on each side of cabinet

Product code:
71C3010 –  Classic 30PP Laundry Unit

Drawings & Information Sheet

Installation Guide

All Everhard laundry units are covered by the following manufacturers warranty:
Polymer cabinet: 25 years
Polymer Bowl:  25 years
Plug and wastes: 1 year
Hinges and rods: 1 year

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Weight18 kg
Dimensions57 × 39 × 87 cm