Everhard Nugleam 35L & 45L Drawer System Laundry Unit

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71SO2D- 35L   395 W x 870 H x 570mm D 

71SO1D- 45L   560 W x 870mm x 510mm D

The Nugleam 35L & 45L SS is the traditional laundry at its best. This unit is ideal for Australian households who are seeking a generous size laundry Drawers

The bowl is made from quality stainless steel and the cabinet is white powder coated to assist in protecting the unit against rust.

The Everhard 35l & 45 L SS Laundry unit is very popular and known around Australia as a high quality Everhard Industries solution. Both the bowl and the cabinet come with a 25-year warranty giving you assurance you have purchased quality.

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