Care Benelli Bassin Basin

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Assisted Living Basins

The Paco Jaanson Care range is committed to providing
innovative solutions formed through knowledge and
insight to ensure critical living hubs like bathrooms are
designed to fully consider the needs of users and their
carer’s, to maximise independence and a greater degree
of user comfort, dignity, respect and safety.
Their aged care and disability solutions are adaptable
and allow flexibility when renovations or redesign
is being considered. Benelli puts the user first so you can choose
Paco Jaanson with confidence.

Available in

WMB-600-1 No overflow 600 x 600
WMB-601-1 No overflow 600 x 555
WMB-602-1 No overflow 600 x 55
WMB-700-1 No overflow 700 x 550
WBW-802-L/H-1 No overflow 845 x555
WBM-802-R/H-1 No overflow 845 x 555

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