Contour Spa Bath

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Decina contour spa baths for sale

The Decina range of contour spa baths are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience with built-in spa jets and features to enhance your bathing experience.

The Decina Contour Spa Baths, minimalistic ‘C-Lenda™’ jets’ have been designed and strategically placed on the long side of the bath to maximize the massaging effect and soothe tension. While the lumbar jets provide relief for the lower back and hips while the foot massage jets gives reflexology benefits.

The more powerful 750 watt pump comprises of a three-stage heating element that reuses energy to boost water heat and includes the added ‘no water’ and ‘auto reset’ protection. The electronic Sensa Touch pad control is mounted on the bath rim and soft pillow headrests are included.

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