Arto Plinth Vanities

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Enjoy More Than Just Storage in the Bathroom With a Vanity Plinth

A popular, modern alternative to the wall-hung storage option is a vanity plinth that toggles the line between a wall and floor-standing vanity, offering the benefits of both.

The vanity with plinth model is similar to a floor-standing vanity, with the legs removed and replaced with a plinth that both supports the vanity while hiding plumbing. This clean solution is well-suited to most modern bathroom designs, and can even work in some traditional layouts as well; our experts can make sure you find the right fit.

The result is a clean, stylish storage option that offers functional and design benefits for bathrooms of all sizes. The team at Bathroom Products Are Us can help you find the best vanity unit plinth option for you. Read on to learn more and view the full selection of vanity plinth models below.

A premium solution that helps create a neat, stylish bathroom

We are very aware of how important bathroom design is; it’s why we’ve perfected the art over many years! The vanity plinth option is a favourite of ours as it can be tiled in or designed as a feature to work with your existing bathroom design. 

When matched with your floor tiles, the plinth can be almost invisible for those aiming for a minimalistic look. A plinth-supported vanity creates significant storage space while maintaining a contemporary look while still making it easy to access the plumbing under the sink when needed.

Cleaning the bathroom is simple with a vanity plinth

When your storage solution does not require legs or a kickboard, there is nothing to collect dust or hair. The vanity with plinth option makes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping a breeze while still providing extra storage space.

At Bathroom Products Are Us, we love solutions like this that not only improve the aesthetic of a bathroom but its day-to-day functional use as well. This is why we are such big fans of the vanity unit plinth models we have on offer.

Find the best vanity plinth option to improve your space today

The Bathroom Products Are Us team are experts when it comes to getting the most out of your bathroom space, no matter how limited it may be. We have a range of options, both pre-fab and customised, to ensure that you can create a stress-free haven in which you feel refreshed and revitalised.

A big part of this is clearing the clutter, not only in your bathroom items and products but also in the furniture. The extra floorspace created by a vanity plinth can make your bathroom feel more spacious, clean and easy to use. View our range of vanity unit plinth options below, and let’s chat today about finding the right solution for your home.